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I use it to pasteurize my goats milk and occasionally make soft cheese. Handy in use but it would be better if it could measure milk temperature instead of heating water. Thank you guys! Available from Suitable for countries with voltage from V to V.

We offer only 1-year warranty for this pasteurizer! This is a process of heat treatment. The same time during pasteurisation you save the most part of useful elements. Also you can use this device as vat. If You don't make dairy products too often 2. If You are happy with supermarket quality of dairy products.

pasteurizer machine

You can use two pots and water between to protect yourself from milk burndown or boil over. But anyway you will need to stay with te near the stove and regulate the temperature all the time. But If You use the pasteuriser, You can just set the temperature and time and save a lot of time which is so important for dairy farmer.

There is water layer between heater and milk container. As result, the milk will not burn inside and be wasted. With a pasteurizer, You can make any kind of cheese and yogurt. You just need to choose the necessary cheese culture to do this.

It also means that most of the money is running away from You day by day. The money, that you could spend on developing Your farm, Your house, Yourself, Your family, Your children and your animals. Well, You can keep putting up with it, or You can change this scenario once and for all. When You open Your cart, there You can follow the simple steps and do the following: choose the delivery method, payment method and at the end You can easily place an order.

After that, we will put clean white gloves on, gently will take Your ordered item out of the sterile clean shelves, will pack it securely and then will ship it to You immediately. We specialize in small bulk pasteurizing machines. If you are looking for a small model between gal L that you would like to use at home or at your micro-dairy, please take a look at home pasteurizers we have.

If you are looking for a model between gal L for you small dairy, please take a look at our larger pasteurizers. Milky is a brand of the world-renowned Austrian company Franz JanschitzGes. All Milky pasteurizers are made of stainless steel. Products Cream separators. Butter churns. Pasteurizer machines. Home Products Milk pasteurizers.

John Rowe. It is a very impressive piece of equipment. It should do the job well. Based on what I have seen alert I would certainly recommend it to others. Mahmood Sadi. This is a good, solid pasteurizer.We made this for cider, are you making cider? The Death Ray will work for you too! See the accumulated pasteurization units PUs in real-time from the pasteurization unit view.

See the current and historical temperature log in real-time from the bath temperature view.

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DR automatically cycles the pump to achieve the desired temperature and pasteurization units. Can be seen from a distance to alert when pasteurization is complete. Your product tastes amazing. Keep it that way. Cider We made this for cider, are you making cider? Beer Making sweet stouts or hard sodas? The Death Ray is your answer! Coffee Are you canning nitro coffee? The Death Ray will work for you!

Step 1: Set pasteurization units and temperature The Death Ray has a fancy touch-screen interface. Step 2: Grab a cold one. Step 3: Rinse and Repeat If the indicator light is on, the pasteurization is done. Touch Display.

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Pasteurization Unit Log. Temperature Log. Pump Automator.

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Indicator Light. There's a Death Ray for everyone. Email Address. Sign Up.Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the models! I believe the high quality product made possible by the LiLi is the key to expanding the availability of locally produced milk. Visit the website designed just for the LiLi: www. Batch pasteurizers in the Cheese Reporter.

Tunnel pasteurizer

The Bob-White Systems LiLi is poised to transform what dairy food producers are capable of creating and selling. The Low Input — Low Impact LiLi system allows dairy food producers of all sizes to offer safe and delicious, farm-fresh milk as well as various dairy products to their customers. The LiLi completely pasteurizes without homogenizing, separating or standardizing milk, maintaining its nutritional value and deliciously fresh flavor.

The semi-automated cleaning provision makes the full system preparation and cleaning incredibly easy, saving you valuable time. Not able to make a big purchase all at once? Don't worry!

This equipment takes months to build, so we don't want you to have all of your funding tied up until it's actually ready for you to use. Call for more information: Read more about some of the farms currently using a LiLi Pasteurizer here. In addition, it can easily handle higher viscosity liquids such as cream, ice cream mix, and fruit nectars.

This exciting and unique machine is economical to operate and extremely gentle on the liquids it pasteurizes. The LiLi-B has the potential to be a game-changer for farmers or small business owners who want to safely, gently and easily pasteurize their products, as well as for customers who crave great tasting locally-produced milk and dairy products.

The LiLi-B pasteurizes fluid milk at 5 gallons per minute and ice cream mix at 2 gallons per minute. It is self-contained and still compact making it ideal for smaller installations. Since most of our inquiries are for the processing of fluid milk, the staff at Bob-White Systems decided to develop a package to cater Specifically Don't be the only one missing out! Sign up now and receive exclusive savings every 2 weeks!

Ecommerce Software by Shopify. Menu 0. Allow us to introduce you to the LiLi. This innovation in HTST pasteurization is poised to transform the capabilities of dairy processors, allowing them to offer pasteurized milk that is farm-fresh and full of flavor.

The LiLi system pasteurizes completely without homogenizing, separating, or standardizing milk, maintaining its nutritional value and deliciously fresh flavor. Walk through these 5 steps to determine which model is right for your dairy.

Add to Cart. No additional infrastructure or external heat source required. Gentle Pumping Action — does not damage flavor or consistency of milk. This machine has been a complete dream for our pasteurization needs. We had been using a 15 gal regular pasteurizing vat, which was too small for our operation, too time consuming and just obsolete.

We had looked at several other pasteurizing machines but the LiLi is just what we needed. It is a small, but yet complete, easy to operate machine, that doesn't alter the flavor of the milk in any way.

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Raw milk is gently pulled through the machine, is taken up to needed temperature, and when it comes out of the machine it is around 53 degrees. This temperature allows us to cool down to immediately and we can begin to bottle.Tunnel pasteurizer unitavailable in different sizes, for the pasteurization of the already packaged product. Inside are anchored the tanks that feed the upper showers and outside are positioned all the instruments of command and control of both the mechanical cycle and the temperature.

Inside the machine, the bottles and the cans lie on a plastic chain and, thanks to an external gear motor, go forward in the various sections encountering the upper showers, at different temperatures, until reaching the exit.

Such a cycle has been designed to ensure a saving of cooling water and it has been set by appropriate instrumentation that keeps the water temperature in the tanks constant. The doors, made of tempered glass, installed on the entry and exit sides of the machine, allow the manual removal of any containers remained on the bearing surface at the end of work.

The stainless steel electrical panel is provided with an operator panel that allows to verify and set all the control parameters of the machine and with an electronic chart recorder that stores the values of all the variables that control the phases of pasteurization. Tunnel pasteurizer Tunnel pasteurizer unit, equipped with an automatic system, applied to the pasteurization areas, which allows to avoid the over-pasteurization of the product in case of stop of the internal conveyor.

Credits: Web Agency Bergamo.Pasteurization is the process of heating every particle of a product to destroy pathogens. The heat treatment system to be used depends on the properties of the product and the results to be achieved.

Here GEA offers solutions for all the different requirements. Depending on your product and the desired shelf life, you can choose between various methods of heat treatment, like short time heating — high temperature STHThigh temperature - short time HTSTor ultra high temperature process UHT by means of indirect or direct heating. Thank you for subscribing!


Please check your inbox for a confirmation email to complete your signup. We have a wide range of technical solutions to ensure optimized pasteurization without loss of quality as less as possible. For specific industries GEA has developed special systems to ensure microbiological stabilization on a cost and energy efficient way.

View as: Grid List. Pasteurizer Systems for Dairy Applications. Modular and reliable design, our pasteurizers can be assembled to meet your product and process requirements: application-specific modules are added to the basic unit to provide the perfect combination of functionality and productivity.

Milk Powder Plants. Dairy-based milk powders offer shelf-stable, nutritious options that can be used as an alternative to fresh milk, as a healthy, instant drink, or as ingredients in a wide range of recipes. Consumers expect highly soluble, consistent products that taste great and dissolve quickly.

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Recommended service products. Getting you started. Financial Services. Avoid upfront investment and preserve capital. Cost occur over time while the machine is used. Keeping it running. GEA Remote Support. Video support designed to provide remote assistance in real-time. Go West! Of course, there is nothing as peaceful and free as the Village People suggested in the s or the Pet Shop Boys in the s. EkaterinburgRussian Federation.

Lactose-free dairy for special diets. Stay in touch with GEA innovations and stories.

Milk pasteurizer 200/400 L/h (HTST flow pasteuriser) for mini dairy plant

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Horizontal Milk Storage Tank. Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece Color silver. Milk Storage Tank. Vertical Milk Storage Tank. Mini Dairy Plant. Ask For Price. Product Price : Get Latest Price. Milk Pasteurizer. With the extensive knowledge and experience in this respective domain we are engaged in offering high quality Milk Pasteurizer that is used to pasteurize the milk to required temp.Dairy Machinery UK offers butter and margarine laminated aluminium foil for form, filling and wrapping machines.

Contact us to compare pricing and receive a sample of our printed material! Under our sister company, CRF Auctions and Valuations we collaborate with a number of agents across the EU bringing you various food and beverage equipment at Auction.

pasteurizer machine

Having the expiriece in the market for over 25 years we can assist you on the best choices also the end product that you wish to make. We understand the needs of the countries and can help on transporting and importing the equipment. For Documents that we are not able to gain validity we do not bring any responsibility.

pasteurizer machine

Contact us for an Offer. Web View Mobile View. NEW HO. Legal notice and Disclaimer. More Details. Batch Pasteurisers From Litres. Do you have surplus assets? Visit and view our exlusive agencies for the United Kindomspare parts available in stock. View Details. Our Services.

pasteurizer machine

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